Here are my answers to the questions I get asked most often.

Why should I use a professional photographer for my Listing images?

Redfin research analysis reports that professionally photographed homes selling in the $200,000 bracket get an average $934 more – and the relative savings increase for more expensive homes. Also, professionally photographed homes get 61% more views online – and can command a 47% higher asking price per ft².

As buyers use the internet for their first sweep of what’s available, sellers want their home to have a strong first impression – it’s the internet curb-appeal in action. Realtors who present their listings professionally in all departments reflect their sales commitment to their clients.

How much do you charge for property photography?

The Basic Property Photo Package charge is $99– for which you get:
• 20 professionally edited jpg images for brochures & web marketing (addt’l jpgs @ $3.99 ea)
• Internet delivery of your jpgs in less than 24 hours
• includes up to 50-mile round-trip from Julington Creek  (50¢/mile extra)

What areas do you service?

All over the greater Jacksonville area..

How do I schedule my photoshoot?

The best route is send your listing address to my booking email (, OR call or text my cell 904-233-1801, send me a Google Calendar Invitation no later than 48 hours before your preferred time.

How long does a typical photo shoot take?

Homes up to 2,500 ft² shoots take around 1 hour (if the home is prepared). Empty or staged homes can be shot by me alone, with lockbox code, otherwise the agent or homeowner must be present.

Larger homes take longer but are usually completed within 90 minutes.

When can I expect my photos once the Property shoot is finished?

We set a 24 hour limit after photo shoot to Dropbox images to you…yet almost always deliver same day.

How will the photos be delivered?

Digitally – you’ll get an email with a Dropbox  link.

How do I pay?

Realtors get an email link to a WAVE accounting bill which you can pay via credit card or check. Businesses get an invoice attached to an email. Homeowners pay at time of photoshoot.

Will my Property photos look as good as the ones on your website and marketing?

The photos I use to self-promote are actual work-product. You can choose Photoshop processing for blue sky swaps, fireplace-lighting, TV-image-insertion, and removals.

Do I have to pay if I’m unhappy with the Property photos?

In the (unlikely) event that the images do not live up to your expectations, I will void your rights-of-use and cancel your invoice. You will not be able to use any images from our photo-shoot, but then you will owe nothing. Your satisfaction is my top priority.

What size will the Property images be & are they ready for the MLS?

You get one set of jpeg images of around 1 MB, optimized for MLS and website use, and a second set optimized for Printing (Open House flyers). I can also output to almost any other set of custom specs.

Do you offer video tours, 360 photography or drone/helicopter photo-shooting?

I shoot stills only, but happily refer you to registered drone photographers.

What is your rescheduling policy?

AS long as I’m not open “en-route” to a scheduled shoot, there is no charge to reschedule to the earliest next available time/day.

Isn’t 20 images too few?

This article explains why more isn’t better when it comes to the number of images presented online for a listing: How Many Listing Photos Do You Need To Get Leads?

What happens during the shoot?

While I allow some time to moving objects in order to capture the best images possible, you should be aware that this does not include making beds or substantial re-arranging furniture. After the homeowner and agent are vital in already preparing the home for the photo shoot – including de-cluttering, cleaning, and removing pets and children.

Are there any special instructions for preparing a property for a photo shoot?

These tips will help you prepare the home to looks its best, and to sell as quickly as possible:
• Remove as many personal items as possible (family pictures, toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, wedding pictures, etc.)
• De-clutter your home as much as possible (fridge magnets, stacks of paper, toys, etc.)
• Replace every burned out light bulb.
• Clean countertops, floors, vents, carpets, mirrors, blinds, etc.
• Straighten any blinds (and fix or replace), curtains and window coverings, and clean windows.
• Repair – all the problems the homeowner secretly knows and hopes no one else does.
• Shampoo carpets to remove stains, (pets, etc.)
• Sweep the walkway and driveway. Cut the grass and trim bushes and trees no closer than 2 days before the photo shoot. Pay particular attention to the front curb appeal color – it’s the first impression (possibly pressure wash the exterior).

Should I stage the property for a photo shoot?

This guide from HGTV tells you what you need to know about staging your home to sell — and will help prepare for great photographs for your home.

Do I own the copyright to the photos once I have paid?

No. Reviresco Redux Inc. retains copyright on all images. When you pay the invoice, you are granted the license to use the images to market the home. Use of the photos by a third party (eg architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers or buyers) is permitted with photo-credit.

Can I use the photos on my website or other marketing materials?

Yes. Payment of the photo shoot bill licenses you to also use the images to advertise you and your services.